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What Do You Actually Want From Your Hotel’s Website?

Whether it’s taking a higher cut from bookings, or being proactive with the image your hotel is projecting, establishing a website to represent your hotel online is essential.

It will serve as the hub of your online marketing activities, and be the place where customers can find out all they want to know about who you are and what […]

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How AppSumo’s Free Heat Maps Tool Can Boost Your Website’s Conversion Rates

I recently watched a lecture from Noah Kagan, who founded the company, AppSumo. I’ve absolutely no connection with him, but I was impressed enough to give the free tools on offer on his website a test. 
The one that really caught my eye is called ‘Heat Maps’. When activated, it shows a colourful representation of which areas […]

How to Set Up a Website for Your Hotel

While your social media accounts and blogs offer a great way to communicate with your audience, your website will be the nerve centre of your online presence, serving as a marketing tool, a business card and a sales team.

Don’t be daunted by the idea of creating a website – it’s relatively simple to set […]

Getting Started Building Your Hotel’s Online Presence

Time spent building an online presence can be one of two things:

A complete waste of time
A way to grow your business with minimal investment

It’s no good simply logging onto Twitter and writing whatever’s on your mind, however. To be successful, you need to build an online presence that’s providing relevant, consistent and focussed contributions […]

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Why it Pays to Become an Expert

The key to success, in any business, is to build up trust. It’s simple – customers are far more likely to spend money if they are comfortable with you, and think you know what you’re talking about.

As a hotel owner, building trust is essential to building long term relationships. Your blog or social media […]

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