Monthly Archives: May 2015

How to Write Cojones-Grabbing Blog Titles

You may work on a piece of content for hours, rearranging words, or re-shooting and editing video to get things perfect. In the end, whether your content gets that all important click often comes down to a split-second decision in the heads of your audience, and is usually based on just one thing:
Your headline.
In a time of shrivelling […]

The Slightly Sneaky Way to Instantly Boost Your Twitter Following

You’re probably sick of hearing how important it is to have a Twitter account, so that you can market your business, and interact directly with your audience
So you sign up, replace the little egg with a picture of your beaming face and then… what?
The task of putting out Tweets that people are actually interested in, […]

Why Travel Agents and Tour Operators Need to Focus on Content Creation

The battle to be heard as a tour operator or a travel agent can be brutal, so you need to give your audience a reason to interact with your brand, browse your website, and engage with your business. 
Attracting potential customers, and then convincing them of the need to book directly with your organisation, rather […]

How to Create Cat-Like Content With 9 Lives

The internet’s a funny thing. Sometimes you can feel as though you’ve created a great piece of content, only for it to sink like a stone.

Other times, a piece that you’re a little unsure about will suddenly take off, and your followers will share it far and wide – giving you a wave of new website […]