These are some great website tools!I recently watched a lecture from Noah Kagan, who founded the company, AppSumo. I’ve absolutely no connection with him, but I was impressed enough to give the free tools on offer on his website a test. 

The one that really caught my eye is called ‘Heat Maps’. When activated, it shows a colourful representation of which areas of your website users are physically clicking their mouses on.

I installed it, thinking it would be interesting, but fairly useless. Low and behold, the first time I checked it, approximately a week after installing it, it instantly revealed a couple of great insights, which led me to immediately change the site.

 You can easily do the same for your own site – and the whole system takes less that 5 minutes to set up. The link to the app is here.

What did I do?

Firstly, I installed the app on my site, activated it on my home page, and then left it for a week. When I checked it for the first time, I instantly noticed this:

A simple app to boost your hotel website's effectiveness

A line of copy on the home page, which explains that our aim is to help businesses use travel copywriting to, “attract new customers, encourage more bookings and build a following” was clearly being clicked on by a lot of visitors.

This line of text was coloured green during the site design, simply to emphasise the point. What the heat map showed was that users were consistently clicking on this line of text, because they believed it to be a hyperlink, and they wanted to read more on that topic.

This told me two things:

1. Make it into a hyperlink – quickly

2. An article on this topic would be very popular. I quickly set about adding the article to the site, and even included a cheeky box below it, which has encouraged extra conversions. It quickly became the site’s most read post.

What else?

While there’s a dedicated page on the site for my testimonials, there’s also a little widgety-thing on my home page that rotates quotes from past clients.

Again, this was being clicked on, but did not have a link attached to it – so nothing happened when users clicked. This meant I was losing the chance to impress visitors who actively wanted to read more praise about me – not a smart move.

Considering I’d only used the tool for a week – and the system had taken next to no effort to set up - this free, simple app has already provided some really valuable insights, and I look forward to using it even more in the future.

Try it out on your own site to see how users are interacting with your pages and your content. Then be sure to make the changes that will boost your conversion rates.

The heat map shows you what your visitors want – listen to them, and make changes will make your site more intuitive to use, and remove any barriers that are preventing your customers from converting.