Put travel copywriting is at the heart of your content strategyIt’s simple – write content that your target audience want to read, and they’ll be delighted to visit your site, interact with your brand, and share your content.

All of this will help you to spread the word about who you are and what you do, while also building a loyal and sustainable following of customers.

How will this happen? Well, you’ll see several knock-on effects if you nail your content and social media management:

1. Your website will climb Google’s rankings

As the search engine notices people are enjoying your website, an upwards spiral of traffic will begin, as more and more people start to find your website through google searches.

Reaching the top of Google’s rankings is the best free advertising you’ll ever get.

2. You’ll start a real conversation with your audience

Your blog and social media accounts will give you the chance to take part in a two-way conversation with your audience. Being able to speak to, and interact with, your audience directly is a simple way to understand them better, and to improve how well you succeed in solving their problems.

3. Visitors will come for the blog, but stay to browse your services

Blog readers will quickly realise that you know what you’re talking about, and so decide to check out your website further – if you impress them.

Even if they don’t make a purchase immediately, you’ll have made a hugely positive impression on them – when they do need your services, your name will be the first one they’ll think of.

4. You’ll become an authority

If you can demonstrate your knowledge of your niche or business area, others will quickly start taking notice of what you say.

Suddenly, you can be viewed as an expert within your niche. This brings the chance to write guest posts, books and even try out your public speaking skills – all while generating great publicity for your business.

Remember, you don’t need to have superhuman knowledge to be an expert in a topic, you simply need to know more than your reader.

5. You’ll have the chance to grow a handy list of email addresses

Has that annoying box appeared on-screen yet, asking you for your email address? Don’t worry if it hasn’t, it will do shortly…

The content on your website is a great way to bring new visitors to your website. By customising your website to display a popup that collects email addresses automatically, you can establish a long-term communication channel with each reader who visits your site.

All they have to do is quickly and easily pop their email address into your pop-up form, and they’ll receive your great content or newsletters straight to their inboxes. Or, you can take their emails in exchange for a free gift – like a PDF report on a relevant topic.

By growing your email marketing list in this way, you’ll be building a valuable resource that will keep you in touch with your audience on a regular basis. You can then begin easing them through your sales funnel, if appropriate.

6. Your customers will appreciate your content – and will be more likely to buy from you

Just take a look at these stats from The Custom Content Council:

1. 90% of customers say they find custom created content useful.

2. 61% of customers say they feel positive towards a company that produces custom content, and that they’re more likely to buy from them.

Those stats can’t be written off. Creating your own content builds trust between you and your customer, giving you a chance to demonstrate your expertise, and show the human-side to your business. This will lead to customers feeling more comfortable buying with you.

7. You’ll prove your worth

If you’ve built your audience by creating quality content, and providing real value to your audience, you’ll be in a great position to charge a premium for your services that customers will be happy to pay.

If your content demonstrates that you know what you’re doing, and are one of the best in the business, customers won’t think twice about paying your rates.

The quality of your content means they’re not taking a punt in the dark with you – they know exactly how good you are, and how much you could help them. This puts you in a very good position around the negotiating table.

8. You’ll be able to educate your customers

Giving away great content may seem counterintuitive but, in fact, it’s a ruthlessly efficient way to softly sell your services, and explain to your customers exactly how you can help them.

Many, maybe even most, of your customers won’t really understand how you can help them and their business when they first come into contact with you. What’s more, they’re going to be defensive in any traditional sales situation – so it can be incredibly hard to get your message across.

Your content gives you the chance to help them see the light in a completely non threatening way.

They’re actively choosing to interact with your content, and are open to what you have to say. By gently educating them about how you can help them, they’ll slowly come to realise that they need you – even if they don’t currently know it.

Even better, these are the customers you actively want to be attracting, not the time wasters. They’re not looking for a miracle cure – they’ll know what you can offer, and are likely to be loyal, cooperative and realistic as a result.

9. Recruit with ease

Here’s a bit of a left-field one, but you’ll also find that great people – who can really help your business – start coming to you, when you’re putting your custom content out there.

We offer copywriting services, for example, and are frequently contacted by high quality travel copywriters, who want to work with us, as well as great design firms who are interested in partnering our services with their own.

Get great content out there with your name attached to it, and you’ll find exciting opportunities you hadn’t even considered start to come knocking, as you reach more and more people.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this will be easy. While the rewards of content marketing can be huge, to get the most out of it, you need to dedicate time and resources into creating high quality content that provides genuine value to your audience. Do this on a consistent basis, and you’ll quickly feel the momentum building around you.

Or, you could simply outsource your content needs to a travel copywriter, of course…

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