About Alistair Webster

Alistair Webster is the copywriter behind Destination Copywriting. He has worked with many leading travel clients to supply creative and informative content.

We now do graphic design!

Did you know that I now offer an affordable and effective graphic design service?
Alistair Webster copywriting and graphic design can now offer excellent copywriting and design services – all in one convenient place.

My travel copywriting services come highly recommended, and I’m currently offering 50% off graphic design projects as this side of the business becomes more […]

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Looking for Good Background Music?

Destination Copywriting is best known for our high quality travel and tourism writing – but we can also help you to get your hands on high quality background music!

If you need good background music for your business presentations, YouTube videos or websites, then head on over to our sister site You’ll find a […]

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Take a Travel Copywriting Crash Course

Many travel companies fail to even consider the impact that neglecting their copywriting can actually have on their business.

The words that you use to talk to your audience through your website, in your marketing materials, and in your social media interactions are incredibly important, and often they are the difference between whether a person becomes […]

How to Write Cojones-Grabbing Blog Titles

You may work on a piece of content for hours, rearranging words, or re-shooting and editing video to get things perfect. In the end, whether your content gets that all important click often comes down to a split-second decision in the heads of your audience, and is usually based on just one thing:
Your headline.
In a time of shrivelling […]

The Slightly Sneaky Way to Instantly Boost Your Twitter Following

You’re probably sick of hearing how important it is to have a Twitter account, so that you can market your business, and interact directly with your audience
So you sign up, replace the little egg with a picture of your beaming face and then… what?
The task of putting out Tweets that people are actually interested in, […]

Why Travel Agents and Tour Operators Need to Focus on Content Creation

The battle to be heard as a tour operator or a travel agent can be brutal, so you need to give your audience a reason to interact with your brand, browse your website, and engage with your business. 
Attracting potential customers, and then convincing them of the need to book directly with your organisation, rather […]

How to Create Cat-Like Content With 9 Lives

The internet’s a funny thing. Sometimes you can feel as though you’ve created a great piece of content, only for it to sink like a stone.

Other times, a piece that you’re a little unsure about will suddenly take off, and your followers will share it far and wide – giving you a wave of new website […]

Stop Time Wasting – Start Generating Great Blog Content Ideas!

We all have days where the flashing cursor wins, and we struggle for inspiration. If your blog is craving fresh content, but you don’t know where to start, try some of the following ideas to help you find your creative mojo, and get busy writing.
Get some exercise
When you’re struggling for ideas, and beating yourself […]

Why Tech Start-Ups Should Invest in Copywriting

I’ve just been on a trip to San Francisco, and it’s hard not to be inspired by the sheer number of people in that city, and the Bay Area, who’ve had a bright business idea, and are risking everything to make a real go of their dreams.

While there are a lot of great ideas […]

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4 Simple Ways Blogging Can Rocket Your Website Up Google’s Rankings

You could easily pay developers, flashy SEO companies, and marketing teams to help your website become Google’s favourite – but one of the simplest, and most effective, ways to make a splash with your SEO, is simply to run a good quality blog.

A blog gives your audience a reason to visit your website, interact […]