Hotel Marketing Insights

How to Write Cojones-Grabbing Blog Titles

You may work on a piece of content for hours, rearranging words, or re-shooting and editing video to get things perfect. In the end, whether your content gets that all important click often comes down to a split-second decision in the heads of your audience, and is usually based on just one thing:
Your headline.
In a time of shrivelling […]

The Slightly Sneaky Way to Instantly Boost Your Twitter Following

You’re probably sick of hearing how important it is to have a Twitter account, so that you can market your business, and interact directly with your audience
So you sign up, replace the little egg with a picture of your beaming face and then… what?
The task of putting out Tweets that people are actually interested in, […]

4 Simple Ways Blogging Can Rocket Your Website Up Google’s Rankings

You could easily pay developers, flashy SEO companies, and marketing teams to help your website become Google’s favourite – but one of the simplest, and most effective, ways to make a splash with your SEO, is simply to run a good quality blog.

A blog gives your audience a reason to visit your website, interact […]

5 Tips For Writing Travel Content That Sells

Whether you own a hotel, a travel agency or even a surf school, it’s more important than ever for you to have a good grasp of basic copywriting techniques.

While you may be more interested in running your actual business than updating your website, or revising page after page of content – taking short cuts, […]

Top 10 SEO tips for Hoteliers

Part three of the SEO for hoteliers series:

Part one

Part two

Last time, we looked at what you shouldn’t do when trying to search engine optimise your website, so now let’s take a look at how you can get yourself in Google’s good books, and bring in more visitors to your hotel’s website.

Here are ten tips to […]

Top 5 SEO Mistakes (SEO For Hoteliers Part Two)

Part two of the ‘How SEO Can Boost Your Hotel Bookings’ series (part one here)

Before looking in detail at some of the effective, simple and easy steps you can take to boost how highly Google values your website, it’s important to discuss some of the SEO practices that you should avoid at all cost.

Just […]

How SEO Can Boost Your Hotel Bookings – Part One

You may have the most attentive staff, finest restaurant and softest pillows in the world, but if you fail to get the word out about your hotel, it will all be for nothing.

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever before to introduce people to your hotel’s charms. Once your website is up and running, you can […]

Get Your Blog Content Organised!

Taking on a blog can be daunting – you need to commit to producing consistent, effective and regular content, or you might as well write the whole thing off, and invest your time elsewhere.
The meaty benefits of rising up Google’s search rankings, building a keen following, and reaching out and engaging your customers, are […]

How to Cope with Negative Reviews Online

In an ideal world, Twitter and the other social media sites would simply be places where you can reach out and have friendly interactions with your customers – spreading the word far and wide about your business as you engage with them.
While on the whole, the platforms do offer this opportunity, in reality, the […]

Hotel Marketing Insights – Eagle Brae’s Mike Spencer-Nairn

In the first of a new series of blogs looking at the ways hotel owners use marketing, Destination Copywriting talks to Mike Spencer-Nairn, who owns Eagle Brae Log Cabins with his wife, Pawana.  

The idea behind this interview series is simple – we want to share how various hotel owners approach marketing their businesses, and give an insight […]