We now do graphic design!

Did you know that I now offer an affordable and effective graphic design service?
Alistair Webster copywriting and graphic design can now offer excellent copywriting and design services – all in one convenient place.

My travel copywriting services come highly recommended, and I’m currently offering 50% off graphic design projects as this side of the business becomes more […]

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Take a Travel Copywriting Crash Course

Many travel companies fail to even consider the impact that neglecting their copywriting can actually have on their business.

The words that you use to talk to your audience through your website, in your marketing materials, and in your social media interactions are incredibly important, and often they are the difference between whether a person becomes […]

How to Cope with Negative Reviews Online

In an ideal world, Twitter and the other social media sites would simply be places where you can reach out and have friendly interactions with your customers – spreading the word far and wide about your business as you engage with them.
While on the whole, the platforms do offer this opportunity, in reality, the […]

What Makes Your Hotel So Special?

You’ve probably noticed that there are quite a lot of hotels out there. The only way that you can get your voice heard, is by offering something different, and becoming the best at whatever it is that you’re specialising in.

As with any business, it’s important to have a niche, and to stick with it. […]

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Welcome to the travel business marketing blog

Thanks for dropping in at Destination Copywriting.
This blog will cover all you need to know about marketing your travel business – whether you own a hotel, rental property, or work for a destination marketing firm.
I’ll explain how you can climb up the Google search results by optimising your website with SEO content, and engaging […]

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