Copywriting is easier than you thinkMany travel companies fail to even consider the impact that neglecting their copywriting can actually have on their business.

The words that you use to talk to your audience through your website, in your marketing materials, and in your social media interactions are incredibly important, and often they are the difference between whether a person becomes a customer or not.

Copywriting should be focused

Simply put, you shouldn´t be writing something if it doesn´t have a purpose. Every piece of writing you use to promote your business should be written with a specific goal in mind.

Perhaps you want your reader to convert into a customer? Leave your site feeling grateful to you for sharing some knowledge? Or for them to open your email and read on? Putting some thought into this beforehand will help you to communicate more efficiently and achieve your aims.

Know your audience

It´s equally important to have a good understanding of exactly who it is that you´re actually talking to.

You can create travel personas that will help you to visualize your audience more clearly, and this will help yoin your efforts to write naturally, as you speak directly to them, using the type of language they understand.

This deep understanding of your customers´ personality traits and needs will also help you to solve their problems, and speak with them in a way that resonates and creates rapport.

Write a great headline

There´s no point wasting time writing great content if no-one´s ever going to read it. We live in a world of limited attention spans, which means headlines need to be short, sharp and snappy to catch the attention of passing readers.

You´ll find some more tips for writing headlines here.


Too many people neglect the editing stage of their writing. In truth, editing is the most important element, as it allows you to refine what you´re trying to say, and also eliminate any glaring errors from your work.

Few things put potential customers off quicker than spelling mistakes, which give the impression of a lack of unprofessionalism and care.

You can also shave down any long, unwieldy sentences. Don´t be afraid to use full stops, and remove any words that you´re using too often.


Perhaps most importantly – if you´re trying to sell or persuade your audience to do something – you always need to be remembering WIIFM – What´s In It For Me?

Time is a precious commodity, and if your audience isn´t getting any value out of reading your writing, they´re simply going to stop.

It´s crucial to always be giving your audience value, and thinking about whether what you´re writing is of any use to them.

People are inherently a little selfish, so don´t be afraid to cater your writing to them, if you want to get results.