Alistair Webster at the Golden Gate Bridge

Alistair Webster in San Francisco

I’ve just been on a trip to San Francisco, and it’s hard not to be inspired by the sheer number of people in that city, and the Bay Area, who’ve had a bright business idea, and are risking everything to make a real go of their dreams.

While there are a lot of great ideas out there, it’s also obvious that many of these budding entrepreneurs don’t really know how to sell their innovative solutions to the wider world.

They spend hours typing effective code for their game-changing app, but when it comes to the copy that will grace their websites, press releases, and marketing materials – they fall short. Sadly, they fail to bring their service or product to life, and in doing so, generate a negative or indifferent first impression about their project.

Here are five reasons why new start ups should seriously consider investing in a professional copywriting service – even if the budget is tight.

1. Stand out from the crowd

It’s a competitive market place, with new apps and ideas solving problems many of us didn’t even know we had. This means even the best new ideas need a little helping hand to help them stand out from the background noise.

Good, professional copywriting will help you to get your start-up noticed, as the words you use to bring your idea to life shine in comparison to your competitors – who will often have typed up their own website as an afterthought.

What’s the point of spending years of your life, pouring your sweat and blood into your start-up, only to fail to give it the exposure it needs to become a success?

2. Create a strong brand identity

It’s important that your brand and your business values are reflected in your writing. Otherwise, you’ll fail to make the right connection with your target audience.

Using a copywriter will ensure your brand maintains a consistent and effective tone of voice, designed to engage the people you need to be reaching.

3. Storytelling

Key to great copywriting – and marketing in general – is storytelling. A great way to bring your business to life is to give it context, and a reason for people to care about it.

A good copywriting service brings creativity, and an ability to make even the driest subjects juicy and interesting. Our brains are hardwired to engage with stories, so bringing in narrative elements to your writing is a great idea.

A copywriter will help you to define your brand’s story, and then weave it into your marketing, giving you a natural and effective USP to exploit.

So whether you’re a rags to riches success, or a dreamer hellbent on changing the world, it’s time to tell your story.

4. Increase conversions

Even the best idea isn’t worth all that much if you can’t persuade your audience to convert – to actually make a purchase and part with their cash.

To create a start-up that becomes profitable and has a real future, you need to understand how your copywriting can influence the buying process.

As a copywriter, an important part of the job is understanding how to get results with words, and not just make things sound polished and professional. By bringing in a professional, you’ll be giving your product the best possible chance of success. The words will act as your own personal sales team.

5. Communicate with your marketing list

If you’ve read up on your marketing strategies, you’ll know that it’s a good idea to be building a list of subscribers, who you can stay in touch with over email, and share news and offers relating to your project.

The problem is that this whole process can be incredibly time consuming. To keep a marketing list engaged and useful, you need to be providing tasty content on a regular basis. Otherwise, they’ll drift away, and stop opening your emails.

These are the people who are highly likely to buy from you when you’re ready to go to market – so it really does pay to make the effort to commission juicy content, and keep them sweet.

The same also goes for social media. Some people enjoy building a following, creating a buzz, and keeping the world up to date using sites like Twitter and Facebook – but if you’re not one of them, the process can feel like a real chore. Hiring a copywriter can save you a lot of work in this department.